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Women and Leadership 4.0 - Tech for good : Health & Education

Opening Remarks: Ms Alessia Mosca, Secretary-General of Italy ASEAN Association and Former Member of European Parliament


  • Ms Hla Hla Win, Founder of 360 Ed, Myanmar

  • Ms Lala Rukh Fazal Ur Rahman, Founder & CEO at Science Fuse, Pakistan

  • Ms Priya Prakash, Founder & CEO at HealthSetGo, India

In her Opening Remarks, Ms Mosca raised the issue of increasing inequality between women and men across sectors around the world and stressed the importance of promoting STEM skills and education from an early age. She described an initiative she recently founded “Il Cielo Itinerante – The Travelling Sky”, which provides girls from underprivileged backgrounds access to STEM skills.

Young people can drive transformative change when they are given adequate support.

key takeaways

Ms Win offered insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for students and teachers in accessing education materials especially in Myanmar, where 75% of the population lives in rural areas. Mobile learning and digital apps will continue to play a crucial part in the future of education and can counter problems that Myanmar experienced. Through 360 Ed, she has improved access to learning materials by offering digitalised textbooks and educational videos.

Ms Rahman shared her experience in establishing Science Fuse, a social enterprise that works to improve the quality of science education for children in Pakistan. Over the years, she has equipped children with science education and technology skills to expand their opportunities in life. She explained that the pandemic has encouraged her to further harness technology to stay connected with educators and students across Pakistan.

Ms Prakash discussed her work with HealthSetGo which focuses on expanding a digital health record to track and prevent chronic diseases from an early age which she expects will become increasingly important in the future, especially during a pandemic. With HealthSetGo, she instills healthy habits among school children across India and mobilises a team of doctors who conduct school visits and medical check-ups of children.


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