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The Asian Network as a SEADS Contributing Partner

The Southeast Asia Development Solutions (SEADS) is all about delivering tested solutions to stakeholders in the region. That is why we partner with organizations and businesses which deploy innovative solutions and technologies that improve people’s lives. 

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The Asian Network has been a supporting organization for the Global Townhall 2023 organized by Global Citizen & Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia.

Global Town Hall has gathered over 12,000 people from over 140 countries. The virtual conference featured speeches from the President of the European Commission, Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Australia, China, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, France, South Africa, India, Russia, and the leaders of various international organizations.


The OECD Forum Network is a space for experts and thought leaders—from around the world and all parts of society— to discuss and develop solutions now and for the future. 

In this piece, Ravindra Ngo, Founder & CEO of the Asian Network, provides a recap of the discussions held in a high-level online conference on "Innovating for a greener Future in Asia".

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The Asian Network co-organized with ERIA, The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia a high level online conference shared on ADB Seads platform.

The Forum will gather 19 leaders from Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Portugal, Norway and US. They will share insights on the prospects of a greener Asia, the environment, climate action, and technology for social good.


The Asian Network signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Friends of Europe ( Bruxelles )

The agreement sets the mutual goals and responsibilities of the Parties with regard to their cooperation on Friends of Europe’s EU-ASEAN Forum, the article series ‘The blue economy: ASEAN and the EU’ and the Global Europe Summit taking place in Brussels.

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The Asian Network is part of Stripe Climate, , a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal.

No company can stop climate change by itself. Stripe Climate aggregates funds from forward-thinking businesses around the world to increase demand for carbon removal.


The Asian Network selected Media for Reuters Next event.

Reuters NEXT is the global forum for world leaders, innovators, CEOs, and policy makers to dissect the crucial challenges facing our world today and find the solutions to power a better tomorrow.

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Introduction from the Asean University Network.

The ASEAN University Network came into being in 1995 when the AUN Charter was signed by Ministers responsible for Higher Education from ASEAN countries, the Agreement on the Establishment of the AUN was signed by the presidents, rectors, and vice chancellors of participating universities, and the formation of the AUN Board of Trustees.


Oped in the Bangkok Post following our conference "The Future of Education & Skills in Asia".

Following our last conference “ The Future of Education and skills in Asia “ reaching +250 participants across 20 countries , ERIA & The Asian Network wrote this piece for the Bangkok Post

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The Asian Network Joins Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

“The Asian Network will ensure diversity and inclusion by promoting women, young and disabled speakers within our events by 2025, through 3 leadership related programs per year.”


Conversation With Professor Rajmohan Gandhi.

"On Thursday, February 17th, in partnership with Asia Society France, we have the privilege to be in conversation with Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson and biographer of Mahatma Gandhi, and a renowned historian, author, and peacemaker."

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The Manila Times

"As clearly stated by the Sustainable Goals Framework, partnerships are necessary for inclusive and sustainable development, from education, to health, from technology to entrepreneurship and institutional leadership."



"The ASIAN Network is a digital community of thought leaders and business professionals that focuses on forging connections and discussing issues revolving around the social impacts of technology, mostly in Southeast Asia."

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World Economic Forum

"COVID-19 has accelerated the deployment of new technologies, including mobile apps for registering for vaccination appointments and contact tracing.

In Cambodia, technology is helping to educate people about history, eradicate landmines and promote financial inclusion."

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