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Opening remarks & roundtable discussions 

Those videos reflected the opening remarks from seniors officials of previous high level conferences but also our members engaging in differents roundtable discussions across Asia. 

07.10.2021 : Women and Leadership 4.0 Conference - Cambodia as ASEAN Chair
Opening remarks : H.E Dr Ing Kantha Phavi, Minister of Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Cambodia

In her Opening Remarks, H.E.Dr Ing Kantha Phavi stated that whilst the pandemic continues to disrupt global development, it has also encouraged ASEAN Member States to push for unity and cooperation to maintain regional stability and prosperity.

10.03.2022 : The Future of Education & Skills in Asia Conference - What are the right skills to have in the future ?
Opening remarks : Mrs. Mariagrazia Squicciarini, CEO Social and Human Sciences Sector UNESCO

In her Opening Remarks, Mrs Mariagrazia Squicciarini accentuated the importance of combining digital and social skills. Although numeracy and cognitive skills are crucial for the future, social-emotional skills are just as important, like learning to be able to adapt to changes. 

25.05.2022 : Women participation in the digital economy -
Roundtable discussions in Cambodia.

Key women from the Cambodian business community, knowledge organisations and entrepreneurship and innovation support organisations gathered to discuss challenges and opportunities of women participation in the digital economy.

16.06.2022 : The Future of Health Innovation Conference - Women Health
Opening remarks  : Mrs. Shabnam Kazmi , CEO of Asellus Ventures

In her Opening Remarks, Mrs Shabnam Kazmi discussed about cancer screening and early detection for women - breast cancer, HPV screening and vaccinations but also access, empowerment and health equity.

17.06.2022 : Promoting Inclusion, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in ASEAN - Roundtable discussions in Thailand.

Discussions around the role of social enterprises as key actors to foster innovation, awareness, and inclusion for people with disability in the ASEAN region. It brings together the perspectives of various social enterprises across the ASEAN region.

23.06.2022 : Improving digital connectivity -
Roundtable discussions in Singapore.

Participants discussed on-going trends and future scenarios for the ASEAN digital economy. The issues of connectivity, skills development and bridging digital divides emerged as key areas for policy makers to consider to foster inclusion and sustainable development.

23.09.2022 : Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, and Innovation - Roundtable discussions in Malaysia.

Key stakeholders from the Malaysian business community, knowledge organisations, and entrepreneurship and innovation support organisations discussed challenges and opportunities to foster inclusion in the digital economy and innovation in ASEAN, focusing on the post-pandemic digital economy.

07.10.2022 : Building Prolific Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in ASEAN - Roundtable discussions in Vietnam.

Participants highlighted Viet Nam’s favourable context such as its vigorous economic growth, vibrant foreign direct investment and venture capital investments, and good skills levels. Participants discussed the emerging digital divides across provinces, firms, and individuals in Viet Nam.

29.09.2022 : The Future of work in Asia : Technology disruption and the Future of Jobs.
Opening remarks  : Dr. Bob Aubrey Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board - ASEAN Human Development Organization

In his opening remarks, Dr.Bob Aubrey noted the current trend of workers, especially Gen Z, not wanting to be treated as capital but as human beings. To build a sustainable workforce, he said net positive principles are important to allow organisations to embrace innovation by investing in a people-centric, purpose-driven culture, and an environmental, social, and governance approach.

22.03.2023 :  Innovating for a greener future in Asia 2023 -
Technological trends to mitigate climate change

Opening remarks  : Mrs. Huda Jaffer Co-Chair Sustainability Startup20 Task Force

22.03.2023 :  Innovating for a greener future in Asia 2023 -
Environmental future in Asia: Opportunities & hope?

Opening remarks  : Mr Erik Solheim, Former Minister of Climate and the Environment of Norway and Former Executive Director of UNEP.

 In his opening remarks, Mr. Erik Solheim emphasizes on those three core pillars: Leadership in Asia, Leadership in Business and opportunities to make the Planet much greener.

28.09.2023 :  Rethinking Harmony in Asia 2023 -
Prioritizing Food Security Challenges and Climate Sustainability

Opening remarks  : H.E Tina Dith, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 
Kingdom of Cambodia


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