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We host in-person and virtual events across topics centered around building tech for a better world while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as climate action, gender equality, and youth empowerment.


CEOs, thought leaders, senior political figures, entrepreneurs, young leaders, students and academia contribute to our high-level conferences.


We believe in human empowerment  and driving systemic change across our 3 core pillars :


1.Community of inspirational leaders

2.Intelligence and digital platform

3.Youth leadership programs


To become the first community of leaders in Asia  working to build a more inclusive and sustainable future and to inspire our next generation of leaders.



Respect I Integrity I Compassion I Trust I Fairness

“The Asian Network will ensure diversity and inclusion by promoting women, young and disabled speakers within our events by 2025, through 3 leadership related programs per year”


- Council for inclusive capitalism commitment

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