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Leaders by Head and Heart Award Ceremony Season 1

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Each awardees had 3 min to share their vision of Leadership in their field and also how they cope with challenges.

The Leaders by Head and Heart Award Ceremony is a virtual event who promotes the social impact mission and vision of Asian Leaders with their strong recognition and achievement.

All demonstrates strong achievements and peer-recognition such as Forbes under 30 List, TEDx Speakers, United Nations prizes, Asia Society 21 young leaders and World economic Forum Young Leaders mainly in the ASIAN region

The opening remarks has be given by H.E Franz Jessen, Former EU Ambassador to the Philippines.

Looking ahead we do, unfortunately, face a challenge that is of a much larger magnitude that COVID19. I am of course referring to climate change. This summer we have read many stories about record breaking temperature, climatic challenges, rising water level – all consequences of climate change. If we are to solve the climate change challenge it will require an unprecedented international cooperation. A cooperation at a level that we so far never have seen. If we continue to focus on our national differences, then I have little hope that we will be able to overcome the climate change challenge. Here truly head and heart are both needed to find solutions.”

Awardees Leaders by Head and Heart

Ryan Gersava I Social Impact Philippines

Dr. Radhika Batra I Health I India

Richard Yim I Tech I Cambodia

Von Leong I Community Health I Singapore

Pradip Pariyar I Peace I Nepal

Richard Rekhy I Leadership I India

Dr. Joo Seng Tan I Education I Singapore

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury I Health I Bangladesh

Cesar Jung Harada I Environment I Hong Kong

Cherrie Atilano I Agriculture I Philippines

Non-profit supported

"Oxygen for India " led by Mr Ramanan Laxminarayan, former advisor of Obama Council on Science and Technology's antimicrobial resistance working group.

Credits music

" Peaches by Justin Bieber " Featuring electric violinists Joanne Yeoh and Josh Kua


ERIA The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia. ( )

"The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East-Asia (ERIA), an international organisation established by the 16 East Asia Summit countries, conducts research, policy analysis and advice also capacity building to support the process of economic integration across ASEAN and East Asia and wider regional community building."

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