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Leaders by Head and Heart Award Ceremony Season 2

The Virtual Award Ceremony Leaders by Head and Heart Season 2 was a celebration of 8 Fantastic and inspiring Leaders from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Afghanistan in their respective fields from Health, Education to Environment, Disability and work followed by the closing remarks of Prof. Akiko Yamanaka, Former vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

They shared to all participants a message of Empathic Leadership, their mission and vision and probably a message of Hope for the next generations.

From the importance of Tech & collaborative leadership , the power of Youth & People as a vanguard of change, to our duty for a sustainable future and how we can mitigate risks.

But also how economic independence and dignity are important , having Faith and Hope and starting with a small step to inspire others were key messages from our Awardees.

Their stories, although different, were interconnected because all of them are "Leaders by Head and Heart."

Then Prof. Akiko Yamanaka delivers 3 key concepts for a new Era during her closing remarks

1. Ensuring social resilience

2. Addressing common interest

3. Establishing an age of balance


0:00:05 - Opening remarks by Mr Ngo Ravindra Founder of The Asian Network

0:01:55 - Video “can't negotiate the melting point of Ice” Yannis Konstantinidis NOMINT WWF.

1st PART

0:04:55 - Ravi Kumar ( Nepal ) Education Award

0:09:46 - Wen shin Chia ( Malaysia ) Environment Award

0:13:10 - Dr.Collins Santhanasamy ( Malaysia ) Health Award

0:16:12 Spandana Palaypu ( India ) Work Award ( not on the video because of technical issues )

0:17:02 Interlude : 3 min "The Swan ( Le Cygne )" - Viola Duet by Dicky Chow and Greyson Chan from Millennial Strings band.

2nd PART

0:20:25 Anoka Primrose Abeyratne ( Sri Lanka ) Environment Award

0:23:56 Alina Alam ( India ) Disability Award

0:31:10 Freshta Karim ( Afghanistan ) Education Award

0.36.36 Dr Renard Siew ( Malaysia ) Environment Award

0:39:50 Closing remarks of Prof. Akiko Yamanaka,Former vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Japan, special Adviser President of ERIA and Ambassador for Peacebuilding of Japan.

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