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Tran Anh Ngan

CEO Elevate Mobility

Ms. Ngan is the co-founder and CEO of Elevate Mobility aka QIQ Vietnam. After her 7 years of experiences of building electric vehicle startup before in Singapore, in 2018 Ngan went back to Vietnam and started building Elevate Mobility as the first electric vehicle sharing system in Vietnam, to make cities more liveable and less jammed using their green vehicles. Elevate’s mission is to elevate the global public transportation experience, by providing the last mile connection between residentials areas to buses/trains stations.
The Elevate shared electric bike system is currently deployed in Ecopark, Hung Yen – a 500 ha smart township with 21,000 residents 30km away from Hanoi, and in Hoi An city, Vietnam in partnership with Healthbridge, TUMI and GIZ, to provide a shared green transportation for locals at the 2 areas.

Tran Anh Ngan
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