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Neelesh Bhatia

Co- Founder & CEO Akadasia

The Co-Founder and CEO of Akadasia, Neelesh Bhatia, is a creative, results driven visionary thought leader and a polymath, with 30 years of internationally proven experience in the field of entrepreneurship education, business innovation, media & technology.
Now at Akadasia, he is on a mission to humanize digital education for all by Empowering Educators Everywhere with the skills they need to guide the 21st century learners. Under his leadership, the company has seen its user traction grow to more than 160,000 teachers from all over Asia in just a year. Very recently, Akadasia was listed by Holon IQ, as one of the top 50 fastest growing edtech startups in South East Asia. Akadasia is now also part of the annual Elite 200 list of global EdTech startups selected by ASU+GSV in North America.

Neelesh Bhatia
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