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Jerome Le Carrou

Founder of Next Step connections

Jérôme Le Carrou is the founder and director of NEXSTEP - an international education organisation that has been empowering and preparing Next-Gen learners through remote & in-person internship experiences and other experiential learning modalities across Asia since 2008.
Jerome was featured in Harvard Graduate Monika Lutz’s book ‘Now What’ and led Next Step Connections to be nominated top five most innovative organization in 2017 by in Los Angeles.
Jerome is a member of the Steering Committee of the French Tech Thailand piloted by the French Government. He has run training sessions for the Northern Thai Government in Chiang Mai on ‘Vision, Community and The Future of Work’. He is also a board member of the Sustainability Committee at the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, organizing the Sustainability for Business Forum in Bangkok.

Jerome Le Carrou
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