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Giulia Marsan

Director of Strategy and Partnership of the Economic Research Institute for East Asia

She works in close connection with ASEAN policy makers, key stakeholders as well as regional and global organisations to support the ASEAN process of socio-economic integration. Dr Ajmone Marsan areas of expertise include science, technology and innovation policy; MSME, entrepreneurship and start-up creation; skills and the future of work; the 4IR. She has recently launched a
new stream of work within ERIA on ASEAN women in the digital economy. Before joining ERIA, Dr Ajmone Marsan worked as an Innovation Economist at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), where she contributed to the activities of several directorates, such as the OECD Center for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, and the Directorate for Science, Technology. During her career, Dr Ajmone Marsan has advised governments around the world about their national and local innovation strategies across countries in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Giulia Marsan
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