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Alina Alam

Founder Mitti Cafe

Alina believes that compassion & courage are the two weapons that could eradicate most problems that our world faces today.Development is inclusive and can only happen by embracing and empowering people from the most vulnerable factions of the society,and an efficient way to do it is through enabling them with a means to livelihood which is both sustainable and allows them to lead a life with dignity.
With this thought,she started Mitti Café while at University with an aim to create platforms for adults with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities to showcase their abundant potential for productive activity and create awareness for the cause of equal opportunities in employment .
Mitti’s team of adults with disability have cooked and served over 5 million meals in 3 years through our cafes and served over a million Karuna Meals to the economical less privileged during Covid 19.
Alina has been featured in the Forbes list of 30 under 30 ,is a Commonwealth Youth Award finalist

Alina Alam
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