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The Future of Education & Skills in Asia

Session 1 : Ensuring inclusion and equity in Education

Opening remarks : Sofia Shakil, Director Economics programs at the Asia Foundation

Panel discussion Moderated by Rubeena Singh

Guest speakers :

  • Sumit Argawal - Founder PR Signal (India)

  • Sorawit Paiboonrattanakorn - Founder Saturday School (Thailand)

  • Angela Chen - Co-Founder at Eskwelabs (Philippines)

1.The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted students from in-person classroom to a tech-based classroom either virtually or through radio. What effect did this transition have on learners, and what lessons has this transition taught us about equitable access to education?

2.As schools reopen, what does inclusion look like in the classroom; what are some best practices to ensure education is equitable to diverse learners, especially for vulnerable learners, those being a student who is a girl, has a disability, or comes from a low socioeconomic background?

3.What are the skills needed for the future of work, and how can we ensure that education systems are able to reach all students in teaching these skills?

Session 2 : Education & skills : What are the right skills to have in the future ?

Opening remarks : Mrs. Mariagrazia Squicciarini, CEO Social and Human Sciences Sector UNESCO

Panel discussion moderated by Dr.Giulia Ajmone Marsan

Guest speakers :

  • Tippi Fernandez COO & Co-founder at Bagosphere (Philippines)

  • Alina Amir CEO & Co-founder Arus Academy (Malaysia)

  • Dr. Jessada Salathong Chairperson MA in strategic communication & Lecturer Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

  • Linh hoang Co-Founder at Ready to Lead (Vietnam)

1/ Why do we need to develop digital fluency and “STEM “skills from an early age?

2/ The right soft skills can increase the adaptability to future jobs, but also for a generally improved quality of life. your thoughts on that?

3/ What are the roles of Government, businesses, and civil society organizations when designing curricula ?

Session 3 : The Future of Education in Asia Challenges & Opportunities ?

Opening remarks : Mrs Yuri obara belfali, Head of early childhood and schools at OECD

Panel discussion moderated by Ravindra Ngo

Guest speakers :

  • Su Fen Cheong Founder PreSchool market (Singapore)

  • Neelesh Bhatia Co- Founder & CEO Akadasia (Singapore)

  • Cheryl Ann Fernando CEO Pemimpin (Malaysia)

1/ the “new normal” brings its own challenges, and may accentuate existing inequalities in the education sector .How are you experiencing it in your respective businesses and countries?

2/ One limitation of EdTech could be the ethical issues with education (cyberbullying, safe sites for learning and research, technology equipment, data privacy. And so on) how can we prevent those?

3/ Educational technology has become increasingly important after the COVID-19 pandemic especially with AR, VR and AI technologies. What are your thoughts for the Future of Education in 2030? Trends & opportunities

Session 4 : ASEAN Chairmanship what role to play in the education sector?

Opening remarks Excellency Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youths and sports department in Cambodia

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Giulia Ajmone Marsan

Guest speakers :

  • Excellency Dr.Mengly Jandy Quach Chairman and CEO Mengly J. Quach Education (Cambodia)

  • Ngo Ravindra Founder and CEO the Asian Network (Cambodia)

  • Dr.Vannarith Chheang President AVI (Cambodia)

1/ The Impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic on the education sector in Cambodia and stakeholders in ASEAN have been significant. What are the key challenges and opportunities ?

2/ How Cambodia is approaching its role as chair in 2022? What are the main priorities in the education sector ?

3/ What needs to be done for the Future of Education for Youth in ASEAN and Cambodia ?

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