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Robots and The Future of work in Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan and Hong Kong

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Welcome to our Webinar series Tech for good x Robotics .


Our guest speakers shared some insights from Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan and Hong Kong with some case studies related to their business and experiences.

- Demine Robotics Tools to make landmine clearance faster and safer.

- Kyrgyz Space Program a school of satellite-building for girls from Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia.

- Makerbay develop people’s maker skills and mindsets so that they can address social and environmental challenges.



0:01:35 - Richard Yim is sharing how Demine Robotics is helping to remove landmines, especially in rural areas, safely and efficiently.

0:09:29 - Kyzzhibek Batyrkanova is sharing this great example of women in the tech space and also how you become an example and pioneer being one of the first female team of satellite builder in the world.

0:22:45 - Cesar Jung Harada is sharing its impactful projects related to Tech for good and Robotics but also to inspire many of us with his passion / dedication for education, environment and the ocean.

0:32:51 - Q&A Session

1. Why will robots play an important role for education for the next decade?

2. A World Economic Forum study has found that Robots will destroy 85 million jobs at mid-sized to large businesses over the next five years as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates changes in the workplace. What are your thoughts?

PDF Presentations

“How technology will shape our future will depends from the choice and actions that we are all making today.”

Kyrgyz Space Program
Download PDF • 8.20MB

Cesar Jung-Harada The ASIAN Network Webinar series Tech for Good_Robotics
Download PDF • 17.00MB

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