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Leaders by Head and Heart Award Ceremony Season 1 2022

In partnership with ERIA: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia & The Asian Network , we are welcoming you for our first virtual Leaders by Head and Heart Award Ceremony 2022.

It recognizes 9 outstanding individuals and organizations in Asia that have made major contributions to their communities and countries.


Introduction by Mr Ravindra Ngo 赖文卓 , Founder & CEO of The Asian Network.

Followed by the opening remarks of Mrs Antonella Noya, OECD Head of the Social Economy and Innovation Unit.

Awardees List:

1. Emilie Palamy Pradichit (Social justice) #thailand

2. Vivian Lim (Gender equality) #singapore

3. Catherine Sarah Young (Art & Environment) #philippines

4. Dr Darren Chua (Leadership) #singapore

Interlude session with Bo Jeong - Cello cover and credits to a great big world " Say Something "

5.Dr Skye Kinder (Health) #australia

6.Ali Fayez (Peace) #afghanistan

7.Sherry Soon (Leadership) #singapore

8.The-Huy Luong (Social justice ) #vietnam

9.Saijai Liangpunsakul (Tech for social good ) #thailand

Closing Remarks of Dr.Giulia Ajmone Marsan ERIA Director, Strategy and Partnership.

” Leading from the Heart is more important than leading with the Head.” Princess Diana

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