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India & Geopolitics : Past , Present & Future with Professor Rajmohan Gandhi

Hosted and moderated by Asian Network’s Founder & CEO, Ravindra Ngo and Asia Society France’s Chairman, Serge Dumont.

We had the honor to welcome Prof. Gandhi. for our first conversation series in partnership with Asia Society France.

Professor Gandhi has written extensively on the Indian independence movement and its leaders, Indo-Pakistan relations, human rights and conflict resolution. He is the former President of Initiatives of Change International, a global movement of people working together to build trust across the world’s divides and has initiated Himmat ,a blog space for “what must be said”.

Professor Gandhi started the conversation with a brief history of India sharing with us the definition of non-violence and three figures and three dates who define India Independence until today.

Then in today’s world, he mentioned where India stands for its economic, military and technological capabilities and share his view from a regional and global geopolitical landscape.

He concluded answering to this question: “As an heir to the Mahatma and a peace activist yourself and in one word, what can it take to save peace?”


00"00 – 03"05: Opening Remarks

03"05 – 18"40: Brief History of India

18"40 – 28"45: India & Geopolitics

29"01 – 33"00: India's destiny which Future?

33"15 – 46"00: Q&A Session

46"01 – 47"49: Conclusion

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