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EdTech for all and trends post Covid

Welcome to our Webinar series Tech for good x EdTech.


Our guest speakers shared some insights from Pakistan , Thailand and Cambodia with some case studies related to their business and experiences.

Jerome Le Carrou with Next Step connections an experiential learning & EdTech programs.

Saba Khalid with Aurat Raaj a women empowerment, education and entertainment platform that uses digital technologies who make data & technology work for developing countries.

Rithy Thul with Koompi productivity tool offering an experience next to none, combining modest hardware with powerful open-source software.



0:01:25 - Jerome le Carrou is sharing how remote and virtual internship can benefit to internationalization at home but also allow flexibility among other benefits.

0:10:47 - Saba Khalid provides some insights of how Raaji improve health outcomes of girls ages 10 to 16 years by deploying a technology-based menstrual health and hygiene curriculum in schools using engaging activities.

0:23:21 - Rithy Thul is sharing how Koompi can build the next generation of Cambodian students entrepreneurs and engineers by being the leading global provider of affordable, secure and user-friendly customized Linux devices.

0:36:52 - Q&A Session

1/ Edtech’s greatest promise is to widen access to education for everyone, no matter where they are in the world. What are the main limitations to this concept?

2/ Educational technology has become increasingly important after the COVID-19 pandemic closed classrooms especially with AR, VR and AI technologies. What are your thoughts for the Future of Education in 2030?

PDF Presentations

“How technology will shape our future will depends from the choice and actions that we are all making today.”

Experiential learning Next generations
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