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Challenges for sustainable cities in New Zealand, Philippines and Hong Kong ?

Welcome to our Webinar series Tech for good x Smart Cities.


Our guest speakers shared some insights from New Zealand , Philippines and Hong Kong with some case studies related to their business and experiences.

Mark Thomas with Servicesworks an international consultancy firm providing strategic counsel on city building and smart city application

Kris V. Libunao with SmartCT who make data & technology work for developing countries.

Andre Kwok Ka Ming with Good Cities Foundation focus on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world



01"56 : Mark Thomas is sharing how Digital Tools can enhance Community Engagement in Urban Planning

13"01 : Kris V.Libunao is sharing How Smart City practices need to be different in developing countries and the importance of data gathering, data literacy and community engagement.

27"27 : Andre Kwok Ka Ming is sharing Good City Foundation purpose, vision and mission in ASEAN & The Greater Bay Area.

40"24 : Q & A SESSION

1/ The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changed infrastructure needs in city centers .How can cities scale up urban technologies and infrastructures to become more livable and remain engines of productivity, innovation and growth?

2/ What are some limitations/challenges for sustainable cities in developing countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam ?

PDF Presentations

“How technology will shape our future will depends from the choice and actions that we are all making today.”

Digitalisation for All
Download PDF • 19.31MB

Making smart cities open
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Download PDF • 828KB

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