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AgriTech Innovation can improve the ecosystem for small farmers in Asia

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Welcome to our Webinar series Tech for good x AgriTech.


Our guest speakers shared some insights from Singapore, Cambodia and Mongolia with some case studies related to their business and experiences.

- Urban Tiller a Fresh, safe and sustainable vegetables Delivery.

- Smart Farm Assistance : a tech startup solving agricultural problems.

- Agrolly who helps rural household farmers to tackle the challenges of climate change and increase financial credits.



0:02:24 - Jolene Lum is sharing How Urban Tiller helps people buy super‐fresh local produce from small‐ to medium‐sized local farmers who don’t really benefit from the supermarket system.

0:14:00 - Sreylin Meng is sharing how Smart Farm Assistance in Cambodia will allow farmers to control their water systems remotely, monitor humidity, and check soil data through a few simple taps on a phone.

0:24:24 - Chimka Munkhbayar explained how Agrolly provide hands-on training to rural farmers across Brazil, India, and Mongolia.

0:35:15 - Q&A Session

1/ How Agri-tech innovation can improve and transform the ecosystem for small farmers in Asia?

2/ Climate change - How Tech is helping the agriculture sector reduce carbon emissions?

PDF Presentations

“How technology will shape our future will depends from the choice and actions that we are all making today.”

The future of fresh food
Download PDF • 8.67MB

Smart Farm Assistance
Download PDF • 3.71MB

Agrolly Mongolia
Download PDF • 8.94MB

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