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The Future of Health Innovation in Asia

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Session 1 - HealthTech which Future in Asia ?

Opening remarks by Irakli Khodeli Program Specialist, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO

Guest speakers :

Beth Ann Lopez , Co-Founder and CEO at Docosan ( VIETNAM )

Buntongyi Nit , Co-Founder and CEO of Meet doctor ( CAMBODIA )

Dr. Takuma Kato, ERIA Director for Healthcare and Long-Term Care Policy (JAPAN )

Moderator :

Amelia Litania - Program Officer at Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

Points discussed :

• Innovation & Technology

• Role of private sector and gender equality

• Femtech

Session 2 - Good Health & wellbeing

Opening remarks by Stefan Nachuk Senior Advisor, Health Systems (Asia) at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Guest speakers:

Shveitta Sethi Sharma , Chief Happiness Officer and Founder at School of Happiness ( INDIA )

Meilin Wong ,CEO & Co-Founder of iSabel ( SINGAPORE )

Aaryani Sahay, Co-Founder at Let’s Talk ( INDIA )

Amornthep Sachamuneewongse, Founder Sati App ( THAILAND )

Moderator: Soniya Sadhnani

Points discussed :

• Mental Health in the workplace and daily life

• Enabling access to Health

• Environmental Health and climate change

Session 3 - Women Health

Opening remarks by Shabnam Kazmi , CEO of Asellus Ventures

Guest speakers:

Anda Sapardan ,Co-Founder SehatiTeleCTG ( INDONESIA )

Nihareika S. Singh, Global shaper community ( INDIA )

Stella Tan, UNDP Policy Analyst ( MALAYSIA )

Moderator: Ravindra NGO, Founder & CEO The Asian Network ( SINGAPORE )

Points discussed :

• Reproductive Health and maternal mortality

• Economic empowerment and woman health

• Diseases prevention and control

Session 4 - Shifting demographics and Lifestyle in Asia

Opening remarks by Michele Cecchini, Head OECD program on Public Health

Guest speakers:

Pragya Tank Ted’x speaker( INDIA )

Sandeep Bhalekar DataOps Pod Head, COVID-19 Response Victoria Health ( AUSTRALIA )

Charles Bark , Founder & CEO of Hi Nounou (CHINA )

Moderator: Ravindra Ngo Founder & CEO of The Asian Network ( SINGAPORE )

Points discussed :

• Intergenerational relationships

• Impact of Covid 19

• Healthcare and Long lives

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